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After a while, the leftist liars can't remember what lies they told a week ago. What do they fear?? They fear we the people who operate on true logic because they only operate on leftist logic.
Just look into his cold, dead eyes. Do you see any truth and honor? No, it's all about getting his narcissistic supply. His fixation with ruin, rot, chaos and income redistribution is obvious, while the sycophant media continues the obfuscation.
Over and over again with every federal government failure, Obama didn't know anything about it. How can one man lie so much and still be respected. Liars used to be called out for it, but still the media are making excuses and covering for him. They may think they are "winning" but this type of tyranny has been tried before and here in this country, it will not stand.
I think they are trying different tactics to make us fighting mad. Then they can start the next stage.
Soon the leftists won't allow Mother's Day because it is offensive. I just heard that the new federal paperwork for student loans no longer requests the mother's and father's names. It requests "parent 1" and "parent 2" names.
Obama is running out of entities to collapse. Now he is going bank for another try.
I wonder what page of Rules for Radicals are the Democrats on.
An Alinsky tactic that is so obvious; blame others while taking down the country by spreading poverty and expanding government. No one does it better than Democrats because they have low information voters that keep voting them in.
Oh, and that will end more jobs, just like the commies want. One out of five are now on food stamps. This ought to bring that number up too. All this while some people are still asking why he is doing this. Earth to Mars: He's a Communist!
"insulting people is not the way to go" LOL, that is all statists do. So the Democrats get to determine who gets called what now. They aren't even hiding their commy tactics anymore.
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