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Hannity, Cumulus Cutting Ties

Jullou Wrote: Aug 21, 2013 1:38 AM
Michael Savage has some good moments but he repeats, repeats, repeats and goes off on boring topics, plus seems to envy Sean. Sean does his homework. He is always up-to-date and never misses a beat. The only part that I don't like about Sean's radio show are the same leftists that come on so often and Sean gives them too much time. Otherwise, Sean is smart and can argue a point better than most.
Perhaps the IRS gives McCain a pass when he files his income taxes, similar to the IRS booking expensive hotels for their conventions, paying the full cost instead of the government rate so that they can a quid pro quo with free booze and other freebies while taxpayers end up paying for the high-end hotels. But go ahead, McCain, and demonize those that want accountability.
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Holder's Seat Getting Hotter?

Jullou Wrote: Jun 03, 2013 2:10 PM
We get what he is trying to do. We know what that whole administration is trying to do. The list is long with the blows they are taking at our Constitution and liberty. The list is long with how others before them have tried the same in this country and other countries. It never turns out well for the people of any country to have thug-elitist , spoiled=-brat tyrants trying to get their way on everything. Their mental condition just keeps them in the "take-down" mode for their fundamental changes that we don't want.
Hillary revealed a little too much about her real self with that "What difference does it make" remark. The leftist liar has been at it far too long.
McCain is in his Democrat mode now. He must have some personal interest in this one.
REPUBLICANS: Take them out. Enough already. We know what is going on. No more "Mr. Nice Guy" routines.
Just step down. Oh, that's right, thugs and tyrants don't step down. They want is all. They want a total takeover. They want to own everythings. It is all about money and power. Everytime Obama goes on the campaign trail, he is going for money that is being laundered.
Someone please make a spreadsheet listing all of the times this administration didn't know what was happening. This is what the sycophant media calls smart.
You can tell when the leftist know they're in trouble; their little media sycophants like Chrissy Mathews can only blame it on the conservatives, saying that we just love this. Actually, Chrissy, at the very minimum, we want federal government accountability.
After a while, the leftist liars can't remember what lies they told a week ago. What do they fear?? They fear we the people who operate on true logic because they only operate on leftist logic.
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