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Democrat Kirsten Powers: I'm Tiring of the Wendy's of the World

JulieBrown Wrote: Jul 02, 2013 12:01 PM
I've always Kirsten, even before she started turning on democrats. She always says what she means....and means what she says. She targets those who are wrong no matter which side of isle they come from. UNLIKE Juan Williams...who has made such a hard left turn. He used to be like Powers....defended those right and and railed those who were wrong. Now he defends anything the democrats do.. Wendy needs to sit down..and take a long hard look at what abortion is actually doing. Liberals never research...they just smear.
As the abortion debate continues in Texas, pro-abortion groups have continued to uphold Wendy Davis as a hero. Groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL and even President Obama have publicly expressed their support for Davis and have thanked her for killing a bill last week that would have banned abortions after five months of pregnancy in the Lone Star State.

The good news is, not all Democrats are interested in supporting Davis or what she stands for. Democrat, Fox News contributor and Daily Beast columnists Kirsten Powers is one of them. Powers is also the Democrat who berated the media...