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Court to Obama Admin: Actually, Those Recess Appointments Were Unconstitutional

JulieBrown Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 7:14 PM
I'd like to know how Obama thinks...that less than 10% of the US workforce...can tell the other 90% of the US workforce...what it can and cannot do. Obama is done.....There will be MORE this in the future.....once people start to realize just what's the TRUE OBAMA AGENDA IS A big WELL DONE to Mark Levin and his conservative group. Keep on truckin' Mark. We conservatives back EVERYTHING YOU unveil the EVILNESS of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.
Joel176 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 7:22 PM
I really wish that when the house passed the appropriations bill for Hurricane Sandy relief, that they would have entered a clause about allowing non-union companies to participate.

When I found out that power companies that had come all the way from Alabama and other southern states were turned around because they were non-union, that can only be because the majority of the citizenry approve of this thuggery.

That said, they can either do something about the union thugs up their, or freeze their butts off.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals today unanimously slapped down the controversial “recess” appointments President Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board way back in early January of 2012, in what the Associated Press rightly calls an “embarrassing setback.” Indeed, if the Supreme Court upholds the decision, it very well may nullify everything the board has done since the appointments, as it won’t have actually had the quorum of three members required to issue regulations. Ouch.

The unanimous decision is an embarrassing setback for the president, who made the appointments after Senate Republicans spent months blocking...