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Read about ACT BLUE at http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000021806
NOR did he talk about the ACT BLUE....a political action organization that has given dems over $500 million dollars.
I have only one word for Eric Holder......IMPEACHMENT
Beck has a few more of his ugly tweets posted at theblaze
DickinsonForCongress ?@VoteMike2014 18h Every major tea party candidate has been shown the door. @SarahPalinUSA @AllenWest are losers and Bachman is retiring DickinsonForCongress ?@VoteMike2014 18h The tea party and right wing bible thumpers are the extremist out of touch w reality DickinsonForCongress ?@VoteMike2014 19h The @NRA and right wing whackos are scared to death of me. I say what I think and do not back down. DickinsonForCongress ?@VoteMike2014 21h I think the RW is all riled up today because it's essentially a southern holiday with Wrestlemania on TV tonight. DickinsonForCongress ?@VoteMike2014 Apr 5 Anyone with a Benghazi ribbon on their profile is mentally unstable and lacks mental capacity. Just a few of his tweets....This is the democratic party to a T
If you read twitter...at all....and you want to see a VILE democrat running for office....look at @voteMike2014 scroll down his timeline. He is running against Eric Cantor in Virginia. If Virginians for this creep..then they deserve everything they get
Over 1.2 million NEW unemployment claims monthly and the Obama administration touts 192,000 jobs as good? We need a president that knows how to run a business. Obama knows how to party, golf and smoke choom.
I have no doubt that this is true....the most transparent administration ever is the MOST OPAQUE ADMINISTRATION EVER!!
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Poll: Shaheen: 50%; Brown: 41%

JulieBrown Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 4:36 PM
Is there anyone more delusional than Obama and his White House minions?
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