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I'd like to wipe that evil look right off that b*stards face. Obama is a traitor to the USA. He loves his Muslim Brotherhood so much more. How in God's name did we ever get this PIG for a president????
How unfortunate for ALL of America!!
There is NO justification for Obama to continue this presidency. He should resign! Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson & DeBlasio BUILT THIS...... Thank them.
traitorbill Wrote:14 mins ago (9:54 AM) Democrats are willing to endanger Americans to score political points. What a sad, sad, party. I BELIEVE what Rush Limbaugh said......Obama and democrats goal....is to make as many American lives as miserable as possible....until we succumb to their beliefs and follow them and their beliefs. It's working and 50% of the country are following the democrats off the cliff....America is in trouble and people don't care. Republicans better step up and stop this maddness..but sadly.....most republicans are going to follow Obama's rule. Heaven forbid should they buck Obama. I cannot understand why republicans are so afraid of him?
I say waterboard Feintstein. This old hag should of been gone long ago. She is nothing but a traitor. If waterboarding the enemy will save American lives....then waterboard the enemy until we get information we need. I'm sick and tired of this country placating to the damn enemy. Our enemies cut off Americans heads....and we are worried about waterboarding??? Obama and the entire democratic party are nothing but jokes.
I truly believe that both Feinstein and Obama are traitors. I cannot understand what the republicans in congress are doing about this? Besides...sitting and twiddling their thumbs.
If Feinstein goes through with this....she needs to be deemed a traitor and thrown in prison. What the hell is wrong with this woman?
Obama just kicked the teeth of the lower income folks....and like Gruber said....they are too STUPID to understand that. Lower income folks have been screaming to raise the minimum wage to $15 or $20 an hour......These illegals coming in.....will scarf those jobs right up....and work for $7.75 All those Obama lovers out there....YOU just kicked yourself in the A-- Gruber is right....you are too stupid to get it.
There is NOTHING DUMBER than a liberal.
It will come out in the end that democrats are in debt up their wazooo....
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