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From a “Glorious Burden” to an “Annual Burden,” Obama has Ruined His Presidency

Julie291 Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 12:30 PM
You make me sick! Obama has not upheld his oath of office, but I'm pretty sure that both Bush Sr & Jr did. Mostly likely you are one of the Paul-bots set on auto destroy.

The White House is trying to recast president Obama’s image- again. This time he's an eager reformer just trying to do away with all the red tape getting in the way of the economy.

Since the class warfare thing didn’t work, the Sandra Fluke thing alienated the very voters- Catholics- who provided Obama his margin of victory in 2008 and Americans are becoming disenchanted with a president who, honest-to-goodness, thinks everything is “fine”- except that taxes are too low- why not try casting Obama in a part wholly and utterly unbelievable?

Obama wants to be known as the president who cut...

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