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An accurate metaphor for not just the education system, but everything else in the country. Time to defund and disband the numerous centralized agencies of the feds. Control back to the states as stated in the Constitution.
Absolutely. Centralized government has not worked well anywhere it has been tried. Plenty of examples of that idea failing across the globe and history. This country is way past time to pull back the strings of control from D.C., which needs to be turned into park and fenced off. States need to begin the process of wresting control from the feds and bringing it back home to the states where it belongs per the Constitution.
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Gun Industry Begins to Fight Back

Jules65 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:01 AM
Which began with the first term of "dear leader" and continues today. The demand is straining the supply, gas and guns, so the price goes up as the supply becomes more tenuous for the future. Thus, the free market, rightfully so, works.
I saw somewhere a while back, that the founder of "greenpeace" got outta the outfit due to the infiltration of that organization by commies, or something like that. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Most enviros are anti-American or seriously deluded.
Always cracks me up to see a giant SUV with a bumper sticker supporting the "O" or "green" energy. Yep, Hypocrites. At the least.
Radley2, you hit the nail on the head. "Fossil" fuel implies that there is a limited supply of oil simply due the possibility of the limited number of ancient beast, etc. to create it. That the earth is continuously creating more supplies of this commodity simply by doing what it does, is not relevant to what their ideology tells them. Its all about ideology and control. The supposed "scientists" involved in the "green" movement are not true scientists as betrayed by their refusal to actually use imperial methods to test their hypothesis. They test with the outcome already in mind and set it up to come to achieve that result. If the industry ever takes off bigtime, expect the left to fight tooth and nail to suppress it.
Huzzah! You got it right. Use the Constitution as a guide to restrain this administration. Unfortunately, the Congress and the courts does not seem to know where their conjones went, and sit idly by while the "imperial president" goes about destroying this nation.
Sounds good to me. Won't happen. The repubs are wussies, no conjones.
I keep wondering what threat was used on Roberts to get him to go the way of the dark side?
Or, threatened with bodily harm to themselves or members of their families? Wouldn't surprise me. This administration is based on the Chicago style of politics.
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