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The California 'Mordida'

Jules65 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 8:27 AM
Did ya leave the California values, such as they are, behind when ya left Cali? Or, like so many, took them to the new place and tried to implement them there? Advice to all escapees from the "Moonbeam" state. Leave it there when you transplant, assimilate to the culture you find wherever you finally land. Don't need that culture spreading like the sickness it is.
Thank you, IndeePendent, for the new terms to describe the "O" and his cohort. I luv it. It better fits than most anything I've heard thus far. I presume you are ex-military as the name "Fubarack" contains the key element(fubar) to describe what is going on now. I don't recognize our country nowadays. Subway is my choice as well, as cat food is too expensive and I can't stand the smell. If cats in my yard want to eat they can catch something.
Given that the "O" administration deals in "Chicago" style politics, I have to wonder what is it that these, supposedly, repub governors are being threatened with to make them change their minds about "Ocare"? Gotta be something horrendous to make them buckle so easily. Of course, once the 3 years of fed(taxpayer) dollars propping up medicaid are withdrawn, the state's taxpayers are on the hook to keep it going. Most states are in deep financial do-do at this time, with no signs of the future being any brighter, what happens then? Everyday I keep getting reminded that most of our politicians are not very deep thinkers and can't seem to see further than the next election cycle, or their bank accounts.
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Let’s Help Academia Destroy Itself

Jules65 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 9:09 AM
Excellent article. Once the exalted college education is over, the graduate can step into the real world for a whole new education, in reality. Where he/she will have to apply themselves and learn new skills to earn their keep. Not just regurgitating what some professor has spouted in a lecture hall to reap the kudos of the prof. Most kids would be better off going to a technical school and working in the trades(not a dirty word) to get some practical experience in earning a living. Wanna make some real money? Try being a plumber, or an electrician, or a computer technician, etc. Otherwise, graduate with a degree in liberal arts and start over at the local big store or behind the counter at a convenience store.
True everywhere, and it needs to be corrected. Voucher system takes funds away from the schools which don't work and follows the student to the school which is better. That should be homeschooling as well. If the school system is not going to do the job, don't pay them.
Islam is a cult promoting ultimate control over all who do not follow the islamic way. Read the Koran before commenting on things you have no knowledge of. Can't be a muzzie unless ya follow the Koran and the idiot that founded the cult. Comments like yours just reinforces that the liberals have no common sense nor knowledge of what they speak. I hear your Mom calling you for dinner upstairs.
This would likely result in a more prosperous populace and nation. Not what liberals/progs have in mind. They want control at any cost, including the health of this nation.
Not until the money flow from the unions for elections, and hidden bank accounts, stops. "Right to Work" needs to be the law in every state, that would do it.
The more responses to the contrary of what is in the article, the more convinced I am that the left is becoming frightened of the prospect of losing control. Remember, demagogue, demonize, isolate and destroy with lies irregardless of what the facts point out. Each liberal response should bring cheer to conservatives. It shows we are hitting a nerve and they realize their shiitte is weak and vulnerable. Hey, "ijnyc...", your basement is calling.
States need to set up their own systems and ignore the feds, goodies and all.
An accurate metaphor for not just the education system, but everything else in the country. Time to defund and disband the numerous centralized agencies of the feds. Control back to the states as stated in the Constitution.
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