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Why Does Obama Need 1.6 Billion Bullets?

Jugjock Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 1:37 AM
Go to Fed Biz Ops – ; sort for “ammunition, 365 days, Department of Homeland Security.” Open the posted contract solicitation files; add up the listed amounts of ammo. You’ll find at least 321 million acquired rounds of a variety of rifle and pistol ammunition over next 5 years. There are two large contracts where only the dollar amounts and type of ammo (.223 – 62/64grain) are listed. These two contracts total $9.5 million dollars. Good quality .223 ammo retails at around $26.50 for a box of 20 rounds; the target practice stuff retails at $6.50 for a box of 20 rounds. The government should get a substantial discount for this large an order, but let’s use the retail prices for this discussion.
Chilidog Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 8:09 AM
Follow up

According to the NRA. There are between 65,000 and 70,000 LEOs that are eligible to train at Glynco.

Twice a year

Chilidog Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 8:05 AM
Actually, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA, alone has 18 shooting ranges alone. They have over 400 shooting points at those ranges.

As for the number of students, it seems absurdly low for a facility that trains ALL federal law enforcement officers.

-----"Most shooters would not use this type of ammo for target or training purposes."------

Federal Law Enforcement Officers are required to train and qualify using the same weapon and ammo loads that they use in the field.

It only makes sense. You aren't going to go out and practice with a 22 then expect to bee able to handle a 45 with the same proficiency.

Chilidog Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 7:45 AM
DHS has 16 vehicles located at various sites for serving high risk warrants. Much like most major municipal police departments.

The DHS has NOTHING to do with the contract for the 2717 MRAPs

Here is information on that contract.

The MRAPs belong to the Marine Corps. They are staying with the Marine Corps.
Jugjock Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 1:43 AM
With respect to Chilidog and BigDog_137 - Why does DHS or law enforcement need heavy armored combat vehicles? I should think the vehicles would be transferred to the National Guard and distributed around the country to state military units if for no other reason than training. If a situation gets so intense that armor is required its time to call in the national guard.
Jugjock Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 1:37 AM
Dividing the government contract dollar amount by those numbers yields an additional 8.5 to 30.0 million rounds. Adding it all up: DHS has purchased 330 to 350 million rounds of ammo. Most of the ammo is Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP). This is anti-personnel ammunition. The solicitations state that the ammo is for training. Most shooters would not use this type of ammo for target or training purposes. DHS serves 90 agencies, operates 14 shooting ranges, serving 15,000 students per year. Found this in one of the posted synopsis. Dividing 15,000 students per year into 350 million rounds of ammo is 23,333 rounds of ammo per student. Dividing by five years yields 4,667 rounds per student per year. That’s a LOT of target practice.

Dear Mainstream Media,

Back in 2008, candidate Barack Obama went off his teleprompter and added a couple of sentences to the text of a speech about expanding the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. Over rolling applause, the soon-to-be president of the United States said: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

At the time, Joseph Farah of wrote a column calling on you to help shine a light on what this...