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Holy Mary, now I know why I left Daytona. Sorry folks,"normal" southern rednecks (of which I am one) do not act like this. It is because the once beautiful south has been infested by these liberal, idiot, butt monkeys.
we can only pray this is true.
That's an insult to Beavis and Butthead. Those 2 aren't as smart as B&B
Addendum: Insurance was used for catastrophic illnesses and surgeries. Not for every splinter you got. There was more personal responsibility, if I made the mistake, it was on me, not my sister, not the president, not the neighbor down the street.
If today's women didn't act like sex crazed zombies, perhaps we wouldn't have so many abortions, latch-key kids. I didn't have a choice when it came to working outside the home. I made twice what my husband could make, so he was Mr Mom when our son was born. Yes Morals were better in the 50's and 60's. Now it's anything goes and btw, I want you to pay for birth control.
And this is a surprise because...?
The man is dangerous! DO NOT give him 4 more years to do this country in.
He(Obummer) is spending his campaign money like he spends our tax money...faster than a speeding bullet. Never thinking about the future. Oh well, what's the saying about a fool and his money?
True, bibleman. In fact, we should have been praying years ago. But there is still hope. 2Chronicles 7:14..." If my people....".
Lizzie's favorite color is clear.
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