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This is the 60's all over again. It reminds me of how things were back then. Dr.King is turning over in his grave.
she gives my aneurysm a headache.
Thanks but no thanks,Odumbo. Stay the hell away!
Hey Kids, I'm over 60 and I am still working full time as an RN. I will continue to work as long as I can. I'm not ready for the pasture or the fodder farm.
Oh my goodness, now "His Highness" is speaking at a Boston Memorial Service. He referred to scripture about running the race. I'm waiting for the lightening bolts.
Mary Fallon, are you listening? NO BO care in OK
Holy Mary, now I know why I left Daytona. Sorry folks,"normal" southern rednecks (of which I am one) do not act like this. It is because the once beautiful south has been infested by these liberal, idiot, butt monkeys.
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