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How about this, leading members of congress show up at NSA's doorstep, subpoena in hand & Their own IP experts in tow, demanding copies of all pertinent emails of both IRS&Benghazi investigations. Bring sleeping bags and packed lunch, refuse to leave until its done. BAM
OMG, there must be several HUNDREDS omitted from that list, problem is, the numbers so great as to be overwhelming. But what I find most fascinating, these people, the Liberal Elitists, actually look down upon We the People, envision themselves as owning, not just the moral high ground but the INTELLECTUAL high ground as well.
Yes, you're absolutely correct, the Democrats are the culprits, no doubt about it. However, PLEASE do not give the GOP a pass because they are perpetually running scared, buying into all to DNC and RINO talking heads THEY will be blamed for doing their jobs. In 2010, a time when those talking heads were professing it would take a generation (if EVER) for the GOP to get back on top, the Tea Party movement literally breathed new life into that dying patient and what did they do? Instead of getting onboard with them, picking up that baton and running with it, they were bashing the Tea Parties almost as much as the Democrats. Why? For fear they would start a new 3rd party splintering the party (despite they were told over and over again that was never the intent). All the support and momentum was squarely behind genuine conservative people and what did they do? They put up yet another "moderate," Romney who got his clock cleaned...just we predicted.
Shirley, I don't believe they are all complicit but, what I do believe, knowing this regime epitomizes corrupt Chicago/gangster style politics, it would not surprise me in the least many people have been (thinly or overtly) threatened and coerced into compliance. We have reached that place where by the only way to remove a wholly widespread, corrupted government would be oh so not pretty.
BINGO! Yes, we all want to know who changed those talking points (and why) but, more importantly, who gave the multiple Stand Down orders. Top state dept/government officials of previous administrations tell us without doubt, the ONLY person with authority to give that order is the president. So an even more pertinent question, WHERE WAS OBAMA THAT NIGHT AND WHAT WAS HE DOING. By all reports (of what we have pieced together), president Obama turned in early with "do not disturb" orders. He had an early flight out to a Las Vegas fundraiser. WE MUST DEMAND Boehner either appoint a special investigator with subpoena privileges for Benghazi, the IRS scandal AND Fast/Furious, or pack up his hankies and step down, let somebody with an actual set of cojones take over.
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