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he does everything assbackwards
AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY It is a Constitutional Republic It is important to know the difference. Separation of Powers United States Constitution Article One Legislative Branch (Congress Makes The Laws.) Article Two Executive Branch (The President enforces the Laws.) Article Three Judicial Branch (Supreme Court Interprets the Law.) Obama's Laws NWO Obama makes the Laws Obama enforces the Laws the Supreme court wears blinders on Obama's unconstitutional laws.
brought tears to my eyes, how sweet this young man is to take ggmother to prom and show her a good time, hope it becomes trend.
And France saved our butt in the American Revolution
if your still a member of aarp your a traitor to seniors aarp who backed obamacare so they could get a piece of the pie by selling supplemental insurance.
look at your taxes, you are working for the gov. whatever is left is for you to live on until they figure on how to tax u more.
what he is saying is he is a US citizen and will be denied coverage or forced to pay for something he can't afford, but If he was an illegal he would be covered for free
Wait until they find out that in the near future if they have no healthcare plan they will be refused entrance into any hospital by penalty of obamacare law.
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OMG! Weather Strikes Again!

Judy721 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 1:15 PM
misleading head line, what the hell has weather to do with stocks
American tax money went to a statue of a camel jockey in Pakistan
He has given Wind Powers a Free 30 year lease on killing bald eagles and any other bird that crosses the path of those blades.
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