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yeah global warming does that, does more than just chap your lips.
Hey man, you voted for da man, voted for da obamacare, now suck it up & give up movies, night out on the town, dancing & dinner nights, move to the ghetto, rent a room, get rid of your car, take the bus to work, & time to pay for your fair share of obamacare, ya ain't getting any younger.Quit your belly aching , stop complaining.
she is a clueless classless trash
or digging a new spring garden to show how earthy she is
unless you miss paying your taxes
voter from illegals, dead, missing non-voters on list, felons, rigged ballot boxes, and poll watchers that voted 16 times got him reelected
BINGO That's why pelosi said you had to pass obamacare to find out what was in it. Now people are finding out, cheap premiums and high deductible they will never be able to meet.
You haven't read AGENDA 21 yet. Do so it will explain what is going to happen or is now happening it seems.
Oh but but but I got a real cheap price for my family & its only $450, fine print, no didn't read the fine print, $7,500 deductible, what does that mean? OMG, you mean I will have to pay $7,500 first before my obamacare kicks in? But but but I thought that it would come out of the $450 a month I pay to be insured. It Doesn't? What a stupid obamacare health plan.. it's a dam racket.....and to think I voted for him
What is obama thinking? God how stupid she sounds and I'm married to it.
What difference did it make? "It crashed"
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