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Fellowship in the Woodlands

Judy3173 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 7:00 AM
Wonderful article as usual Mike. I have wondered why pastors didn't stand up when Lyndon Johnson started his war on poverty that pushed the man out of the picture and made the government the "daddy". Why weren't the church leaders yelling from the pulpit ..."this is wrong and it is destroying our families". Why isn't there a loud prayer everyday against abortion? I don't think you will be invited back to the Woodlands next year, but boy did you say something that has needed to be said for a very long time. Thanks
Navy-baby Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 9:23 AM
Exactly. If we could just get fathers back into households, we could actually BEGIN to fix America's financial and cultural woes. Marraiges first; babies second. Provide needs; not wants. Churches are charity; government is not.

Last year, I heard NO references to the unborn in any Catholic church I attended; until this past Monday evening, at the New Year's Vigil Mass (the Solemnity of Mary) the unborn were finally mentioned in the Prayers of the Faithful. I don't know whether to count it as one for 2012, or 2013, but I truly wish it was included in EVERY Sunday Mass, for all times--and I cannot understand why the unborn have been completely ignored by my beloved Catholic Church. What a sin of omission...

Most of America's problems are cultural. Even our economic problems stem from the cultural rejection of personal responsibility and the acceptance of collective responsibility. And none of our problems would be as bad if the church was still shaping the culture instead of merely responding to it. I was reminded of this during my annual holiday trip home to The Woodlands, Texas.

I've attended Christmas Eve services four out of the last six years at the Woodlands Church (formerly Fellowship of the Woodlands), which is a Southern Baptist mega church that keeps its Baptist affiliation well hidden from the general...