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White House: Sorry, Charles

JudithBG Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 9:41 AM
LOL! Pfeiffer also owes an apology to oblama. All he accomplished was bringing up yet one more incident in which our illustrious president shows what an arse__hole he really is.

In case you missed it, Charles Krauthammer wrote a fantastic piece after the White House denied removing a Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office. Guy wrote about this earlier this week:

Kevin apprised you of this controversy late last week, so here's the Cliffs Notes version: Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote a syndicated piece on Friday, in which he recapitulated an anecdote about President Obama returning a bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  The sculpture had been lent to President Bush in 2001, who placed it prominently in the Oval Office. Obama sent it...