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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

JudithBG Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 9:55 AM
READ and get down to it. It isn't the Cubans, the Mexicans, the Hispanics or even the blacks. It's the corruption in American that has brought us to our knees. We have allowed the obama backers who can make voting machines miscount dominate us. We have stood by quietly and allowed college students to spew such idiocy and such lack of history or purpose to abscond with any sense of truth. It ISN'T one group that pummeled us into 4 more years of despair. It is those who looked the other way thereby giving consent to evil. It is those who DON'T think that evil exists. It is those who put their own personal revitalization through liberalism ad nausea who convinced the US that obama is NOT a danger to America. We will lose our nation.
Illbay Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:00 AM
I agree with what you say...

...but what is the solution?

Delineating the problem is the easy part.

Me, I cannot see any recourse other than actual civil war. Maybe not tomorrow or next month or next year, but I cannot see the Left being magnanimous in any way, and sooner or later you have to shoot the ****ers when they come for your property and your basic freedoms.

Are we willing to do that? We may find out.

Soul-searching is not in the GOP’s blood. Many Republicans see themselves as stoic, rugged and hardworking individuals. But after twice losing the White House to an ex-community organizer and failing to mobilize the base, Republicans need to take a trip to a mountainous valley, sip some tea and meditate.

In the quiet of nature, I think Republicans would find that the solutions to winning lie within themselves. After my own reflection, I developed three key insights into how the GOP can win presidential elections going forward:

#1 Keep an open mind

Early on, talking heads like Ann Coulter disparaged Romney...