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Just watch the unfolding of this hyena's plan. We are ALL going to suffer at his hands while the insecure romp around him singing..."see how much I just LOVE this buffoon". He is an egocentric narcissist with a plan underway to take over the United States. And no, I am not delusional.
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The Obama Culture Arrives

JudithBG Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 10:55 AM
Never thought that I would even "think" this, but I have come to loathe Hollywood and all the other prominent liberals who dine on caviar. These people are NOT Americans. They are self perpetuating lice.
The shills, as you so aptly put it, are more interested in raising their children in the holy sphere of oblivion. The "we have to be fair to everyone even if they stagger their way through life under the enormous burdens of alcohol or drugs. We must be totally fair to very weight, shape and spewing of dysentery rear end orifice and non productive soul". The other things I love is the changing of priorities they stop spraying cantaloupes and knock off the pickers with Malaria. My solution is to heck with them all.
What a total jerk. I'm 73 and if someone threatened my family, the only way I could defend them would be with a firearm . Do people like this schmuck really think that a person like myself who grew up with firearms in the house is going to kowtow to idiots? It's jackasses like him who cause folks like me to lose faith in a government as it runs hand in hand with that twit who has never earned an honest buck in his life. oblama needs to palpate his crotch to see if he he still does have balls there or have they been replaced by the mush that resides in his head.
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EPA Head Lisa Jackson to Step Down

JudithBG Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 1:04 PM
oblama is an embarrassment.
What a laugh. He doesn't even know how many states their are. I've heard that if his hand isn't guided, he can't find where to wipe his rear end, either.
Interesting discussions. I have finally met the end of any objectivity, however, and I cannot possibly muster anything reasonable to say, so I've decided to be rude and inhospitable. Liberals...go suck an egg will ya? You put this mongrel bloke into office and I know that some of you knew, how much he hated America. So now he's there acting out in all his self centered glory. What a friggin narcissist. Not a thing you can do when he flushes the toilet on the US of A. I truly pray that you'll get your faces shoved in it along with the yellow nasal wash..
Town Hall, Dr. Sowell's commentary should be listed at the top of the page.
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