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And by what authority do the "government servants" have to NOT ENFORCE OUR LAWS, by keeping Illegal people from being here, or by FOLLOWING THE LAW AND DEPORTING THEM IMMEDIATELY. You, supertroll, obviously don't have a clue, that you are just a "useful idiot" who buys into what they say, and they will just a willingly throw you away when they've sucked you dry of your financial well being. If you think you will be protected when this all goes bad, think again. What I don't get, is why all of you who hate this country, don't go down and join all these people you think have it so much better. Or better yet, PLEASE don't cry, when you are overrun, and they break into your home and take what you have, because there is no more money to support all the freebies the politicians so willingly give out. I can't believe how utterly STUPID some people are!
I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I call on ALL the liberals who are for this. YOU, liberals, you take them in, support them, feed and clothe them, and educate them. But, liberals NEVER SEE IT THAT WAY. They ALWAYS think that there is money to be TAKEN from hard working Americans. They cannot see that the money has run out. There is no more money to wring from the working class. And, I think the Clintons, and The Obam's should each take about 25 or so. They can afford that many on their salaries. I've lived along the border, and see what all this illegal traffic does to the folks who own land, homes, and businesses there. These big mouths are fine with it, as long as they are not bothered in their million dollar homes, and they think they can turn them into voters who will keep them in power where they can such the treasury dry, have insider trading tips based on their votes, and make big money to live on while telling us what to do with every detail of our lives.
Don't be shocked. Remember that the lawyers give almost 100% to the liberals. This is the way to make the taxpayers support them. Until the citizens stand up, and STOP THIS MADNESS, it is going to be the downfall of us. Of course, there won't be a country for attorneys to take tax money from, but they are not thinking that far ahead.
Again, I ask you, how many will you take into your home? A family? 6 children? And please don't tell me I'm not Christian by saying this. Have you forgotton in the Bible where it says..."OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND"? Why are you so willing for certain people to break the laws? Also, what you do not realize is this, most of these people are not loving America. They LOVE THEIR HOMELAND. Do you remember in California the story about all the high schoolers that demanded to fly the MEXICAN FLAG on Cinco de Mayo. IF someone wants to come here, they need to do it within the law, AND they need to DECLARE ALLEGIENCE to our nation. This is all about a one world government, and if you do read the Bible, you should know how this is going to turn out. Not Well! Yes, we are all "aliens", but the HUGE MAJORITY until the last few years, came legally, and with love for this nation. This is about wanting the downfall of America, pure and simple, and they must overwhelm the system to do it. This is what is happening. You, my friend, had better research, look at the truth here, and pray that we can fix this. Jesus, himself, would tell these folks they are WRONG, that they are NOT FOLLOWING the law, and it is not right. But, I'm not surprised that many want to ignore many scriptures in the Bible, just as they wish to re-write history for our young people, so they can be molded into good little cookie cutter followers.
Pmadsen: Do YOU NOT REALIZE that this is what the administration wants you to feel? Most Americans are not UNFEELING of these folks, but we ALL KNOW that we are at the TIPPING POINT here in our country. And, this has divided our country badly, when our elected leaders give one class, (ILLEGAL AT THAT) favoritism, and the ability to thwart laws that we MUST abide by...and many of OUR CHILDREN cannot find jobs at all. Our schools are overcrowded, our children are held back to let these "catch up", and frankly there is not enough money to go around at all. Do you have children? Do you treat one better than the other? This MUST STOP. We CANNOT SOLVE ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS!!!! We had a revolution to stop being RULED , and maybe it is time for the people in these countries to do their best to CHANGE THEIR own governments. They come here because they think they can get "free money, free food, free education". NOTHING IS FREE! WE ARE PAYING , and not only paying, we are BORROWING TRILLIONS to support all these folks. I do feel for the plight of many people in the world, but SURELY you must realize that we CANNOT take care of the whole world! This is a ploy to either force amnesty, or to bring our country down. I'm sorry you are on either side of that. Obviously, you are buying into their method...read Cloward and Piven's strategy, and Alinslky's Rules for RAdicals, and you should get a good picture of what he's doing. UNFORTUNATELY, your way of life is about to change also. One more thing....how about all the folks who are so willing for these people to invade us, YOU TAKE THEM IN. Open the door to your home., you feed, clothe, and educate them. Why do you want to take money from the taxpayers, our children, and now our grandchildren to do this? Step up, liberals. Open your doors. You are so willing for our door in America to be open, you want to get into our bank account, so we are telling you back....you who want this, YOU PAY FOR IT.
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