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An 80’s Remake

Judester Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 8:38 AM
Mitt being a very successful business man that gives millions to charity that has been a Governor and experienced man in politics is going up against a fraud that is unable to prove his past and has 32 czars to advise him and people think he is not Presidential material. WHAT!

With millions of Americans out of work, unemployment is marching ever higher. Gasoline prices soar, painfully hitting family budgets with every fill-up. As fall approaches, an incumbent President holds a narrow lead, intent on gaining a second term. The key to victory is a relatively small group of undecided voters; a conflicted electorate who respect the President, but recognize his policies have failed to lift the economy out of a recession. Do they give the President a second chance and hope for the best? Or take a risk on a pro-business Governor who talks about economic freedom? While this scenario sounds...