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House GOP Owes the Benghazi Dead, Wounded, and Their Familes the Respect and Urgency They Did Not Get From Hillary or the President

juanitavaldez Wrote: May 09, 2013 12:46 PM
So the counter-talking point on Benghazi is that the troops could not have gotten there in time. Lie. They didn't have armed drones? Hard to believe since they were being used in Libya during the war. (you know, the war in Libya? The one all over the news? Never mind...) First--when does America abandon people in the field? Never. When does America not TRY to help our own under fire? Never (especially when US sovereign territory and the direct representative of the president--our ambassador--is being attacked)!! It takes 5-6 hours to fly from JFK to London. We don't have any troops in Tripoli? I'm not talking 1,000 men, I mean 10? 25? 50? We don't have anyone within 5 hours of this location? Where there had been repeated attacks of our location in previous weeks (shots, bombs) and this was September 11th? Are we that stupid? Denial! At the time the call came in that they were under attack, nobody knew how long the attack would last. It lasted over 5 hours and only ended because the people there busted out (like a Hollywood movie--tires shot out, bullet holes) and through the grace of God survived. Over 5 hours of fighting. They were abandoned and left to die. America is better than that. Our president seemed more concerned about going to Vegas for a fund raiser than in helping protect his ambassador and other Americans. Hillary was only concerned about politics--and she lied to the families of the dead, even though she knew the truth. We're better than this. Our leaders must be better than this. Then again, they haven't shown any true leadership. Real leaders accept responsibility for their actions and for the actions of those under them.
Flubadub Wrote: May 10, 2013 8:21 AM
Your last paragraph says it all, they are not anywhere near true leaders period. The whole WH bunch of idiots, including B Hussein O, are cowards that cower under desks until they can blame someone else for their abject failure of leadership. Absolutely nothing is B Hussein O's fault, nothing. But don't you dare forget that he is the president, got it.
traitorbill Wrote: May 09, 2013 2:08 PM
Anyway, they didn't know when the fighting would end, so their excuse isn't acceptable. The fight could have raged for days.
tibby2 Wrote: May 09, 2013 1:22 PM
You put people into a country that just overthrew their government and place them in an area known to be a hotbed for terrorists with no contingency plans?