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Glee Celebrates the 'T'

juanitavaldez Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 8:00 AM
sexual identity crisis? Forget religion for a moment. Think simple biology. We are merely animals, says the left. What is the darwinian advantage to someone mutilating their only means of reproduction? Same argument for homosexuality. What is the Darwinian advantage to the species of homosexuality? oh yeah--none.

It was a very special disco-themed episode of "Glee" on Fox the other night. A new character named Wade from a different high school shared that he was born in the wrong body. He was black, but he said he felt he was born white and decided to go out on stage at Regionals painted over as a white man. Everyone adored and applauded him as he sang "Boogie Shoes" looking just like the lead singer of KC and the Sunshine Band.

If you actually watch "Glee" or just know Hollywood liberals, you know I'm kidding. Of course, he...