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Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. When you start respecting those who believe in God, I will "tolerate" your non-biological and harmful acts.
Yes, abortion has gone through a generation and people are realizing more and more that killing babies (we have ultrasound and can see the bad results of killing a million babies)...
Record everything. They say there were hundreds, not thousands? Are there photos? Take screen shots of everything you see as offensive, then call the press, then call the person. We need to learn the tactics of the mob. We are losing the PR battle. With the next election, if republicans do not make major in-roads into the state houses, they are fools. Run on one issue--homosexual marriage--my opponent rammed it down your throats, I will always listen to my voters. No other message. Stay on point. Win with that message.
what you miss out in your argument that you do not care what people do in their bedrooms is that homosexual 'marriage' is not about marriage, it is about outlawing anyone of an opposite view based upon religion to be able to NOT participate in a homosexual marriage. Their mantra is "if you don't want a homosexual marriage, don't have one" but what happens after that is this: people who do not want to have a same-sex marriage are forced, by law to participate in one or lose their ability to make a living. They must choose between working and living their faith. That is 100% against the constitutional guarantees of personal religious freedom that this country was founded on. It is our first freedom. 24/7/365. The hawaii bill does not have personal religious freedom and doesn't even have actual state-approved religious entity freedom, either. Again, homosexual marriage is all about getting rid of the conservative religious ideas out of the public square and anyone who is conservatively religious will not be able to have a business or work in government. That is the goal.
He is only doing it now so that he can say that he is critical of the that the election is over and these comments don't matter (and that the 2014 election is a year away).
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New Jersey Recognizes Gay Marriage

juanitavaldez Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 12:03 PM
I recognize a sham when I see it, too.
Government efficiencies in action (or is that inaction?) Just keep pointing out that the federal government cannot do anything better than the private sector, and that it will always cost at least 10 times what the estimates were...and take twice as long (or longer) to do it.
Clintons lie. That is all that they do.
Disney/ABC/ESPN promoted homosexuality on Olbermann last night, as well. Walt Disney would not recognize his family company.
Help get rid of Chickenpooper-- donate to the Secretary of state Scott Gessler who will beat him--with your help
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