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Obscurity: No Crueler Punishment!

Juan_Freeman Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 9:06 AM
Echo Rush Limbaught or some perceived conservative talking point? In that statement you demonstrate a complete lack of understanding with regard to conservative thought, or perhaps more accurately, classical liberalism. In short, if it promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, let's do it. Anne lost me as a never-miss-a-column loyal reader when she, in my opinion, demonstrated a lack of resolve in standing for principals demonstrably conservative. I'm under no illusions that my decision matters to her one whit.

I feel awful about what happened in Colorado, but can we stop the hugging and the teddy bears? Just as society can become inured to violence, it can also become inured to sentiment. There is nothing so hackneyed in the world of photojournalism as pictures of the hugging and the shrines with candles and teddy bears after a tragedy, with a piano softly trilling in the background.

This accomplishes nothing. If you want to do something, please write a check to a good charity, a family financially harmed by the shooting, or send flowers to a specific person.

It is also...