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Selective ignorance or just plain ignorance? Someone only gets her news from MSNBC, the White House, Democrat party or something equally invalid as a unbiased source.
I'm going to start picking out what laws I'm going to follow and what ones i won't because they are inconvenient or don't fit my plan for global domination. Pinky and the Brain...just can't figure out if Obama is Pinky and Jarrett is Brain...or just a bunch of Commie Pinko... Holder SHOULD resign. But he won't because he doesn't have the ethical and moral guidelines that we'd expect from someone who is uphold the laws of the US. But then, his boss DOES keep altering/changing/writing them...
Wow...can they dance or what?
Because this relates to the IRS scandal how? Ah, I get it. Can't respond so must deflect. Liberals S.I.N. Shift the topic Ignore the facts Name call. AS for the thread, I think that dragging her to jail for Contempt would be a good start to getting to the bottom of this.. Or the top, you might say. I don't mind giving her alimony for her testimony if it leads where we all know it probably leads....
So, about that contempt about getting that started....
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How to Get Sgt. Tahmoorissi Home

jtyme Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 12:50 PM
Let's just say "Hey Mexico! You've got busloads of your citizens who are in the US coming back on Wednesday. Better get some food, shelter and water ready." And then keep sending back the people who came across illegally. Make sure Amnesty International is on site in Mexico so that they can keep an eye that no abuses are committed on the returnees. Do it, even after they return our Marine. It is what is right. Period. * AND secure the borders...hello...McFly..... ------------------------ * - makes it official and valid, in Libland. ;)
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The Prisoner Swap Deal

jtyme Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 1:29 AM
Cloward-Piven is the "Occam's Razor" winner where Obama's economic policies occur. Anti-Colonialism as a basis for foreign policy fits there. Obama's actions indicates he has no respect for this country, its traditions, its laws nor its Constitution. And, to use a Liberal phrase: "The science is settled" on that. Period.
What? A tax based on consumption? What is this world coming to? Sheesh...Imagine an Income Tax that didn't exist. And that in its stead was a consumption tax, meaning the rich paid more since they spend more. And heck, let's toss in a "Prebate" of taxes for people to meet some minimal requirements. And of course, let's let everyone keep all their income. Just tax it when the spend it. Ah....Fair Tax...the ONLY tax program that was seriously developed as a study to replace the current tax code with something better. Developed and analyzed. About $20,000,000, if I remember correctly, went into the analysis to develop the Fair Tax proposal. No other taxing system had as much study before it was proposed. And let's not forget...we, as Americans, were sold the "income tax" as only affecting the 1%. What a lie that turned out to be.
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Obama’s Master Plan

jtyme Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:06 AM
If he believes in what he is doing, then he is believing wrong. If he is implementing a Cloward-Piven approach to the U.S., he's doing it right. Crash the system by overloading it. Which all these regulations, from Obamacare on, are doing. He's also trying to disarm citizens, using various schemes to try to make that happen, from Fast N Furious to the latest "Operation Choke Point" attempts Why, you must ask yourself. Given his heritage, from an anti-colonial father, through a communist mother and grandparents, it appears he really has no appreciation for what the U.S. represents, but instead probably despises it. Who do we blame for this? Ourselves, certainly. But more blame falls on the Press who have failed in their duty to the citizens to be the watchdog on government rather than the lapdog they've become. If they had done their job instead of becoming infatuated with something "historic" then there is a good chance that Obama would never had been elected, given his lack of qualifications and murky, purposely hidden, past. And more to the members of Congress who put Party ahead of the citizens they were elected to represent.
He had to wait until he had to reload to take advantage of the situation. Glad Meis had some situational awareness working for him. Though if he had a firearm, even a cheapie Raven .25, and fired at the perp, it would have changed the perp's mindset about all the victims available. And probably, as we've seen in the past, the perp would have shot himself or shut down and surrendered. I'm glad Meis was there and was able to do what he did and it came out OK. Heck, I even donated to the "honeymoon & future" fund ( ) that someone set up for them. Recognizing heroes such as Meis is important, especially during these times of Liberal B.S. behavior recommendations when confronted by violence.
SMH Taking the law into his own hands again...and where's Congress?
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