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Success, because of democrats
We've been saying this since DAY ONE. Why is the house only now saying it ?
Newsrooms are full of Pussified democrat slime bags.
POLICE OFFICERS do not support gun and ammo bans.
Hows your perfect multicultural nonsense working for you now ?
Good work Patrick.
Good. Because they are effectively banning carry by making it impossible to get the license. Reason #1 there should BE no license. ....but that aside, making it impossible to get the license is the same as a ban on it.
Its a public place, so they can scan whatever they want. Thats not the question. The question is, do we want the government assuming we are breaking the law, and need to collect databases of attendees? Or, at least a vehicle attendee. Whos driving my car? May not be me. The point is, NSA. STOP IT !
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