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Yet Another Scandal for Harry Reid?

jturner Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 1:19 AM
If Congress takes more of people's money, they can't maintain their lifestyle. Once you have no money that is it. People that are responsible with their finances will save their money if they have a low-paying job or live in bad economic times. This includes undergoing a tax increase. If they can maintain their lifestyle they usually use a credit card, but you can use a credit card without having to work. It won't last long, but they can do it. Are you willing to work more for a job that offers 70,000 or a job that offers 100,000? I guarantee you that people would work harder for a bigger salary. If the government took most of it in taxes, there would be less incentive. The economy is based around self-interest.

New questions are being asked about the ethics of Sen. Harry Reid; a Utah businessman is alleging that his state's attorney general demanded $600,000 as a bribe to Reid in exchange for dismissal of a federal investigation.

Certainly the allegations could be false, but it's worth noting this isn't the first time Reid's name has come up in connection with some pretty shady propositions.  Remember the lucrative, underpriced land deal?  Or the green energy conflict? There's so much there, pithily summed up by Investors Business Daily as...