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President Barack "I Didn't Do It" Obama

jturner Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 1:51 PM
jboston-Your argument is a bit flawed, because cutting taxes for every income bracket does not add to the deficit, it shrinks the deficit because more money will come into the treasury, by more tax receipts, because people will have more jobs. Spending more money from the fed. government adds government jobs. The private sector sees the spending as more debt that will come in the form of taxes, that they will be paying. The people that have wealth will not invest in jobs because they know it is going to be taken away via taxes. Why would somebody work so much just to give their money to government through high taxes.

It’s one thing for a politician to “massage” the truth ... it happens all the time. But it’s quite another for one to so brazenly repeat an easily disprovable lie.

But, as in the case of President Obama and sequestration, when the fear of being caught in a lie is removed because those charged with being “watchdogs” are active participants, brazenly lying carries no more risk than saying “hello.”

Sequester, automatic across-the-board reductions in the rate of increase in government spending – commonly and lazily called “spending cuts” by the media – was the...

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