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The Quest For A Reason To Re-Elect The President

jtreesh Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 11:19 AM
Instead of everyone sending me presents in November for my Birthday,(or sending it to the Obama 2012 Golf Fund)vote this entire party out of existence..any stragglers we can get in 14.

Have you heard the latest from the Obama re-election team?

Mitt Romney doesn’t have enough of his money taken from him in taxes. Paul Ryan wants to give rich people a tax “break.” Mitt Romney cut jobs when he was an executive at a private equity firm. Paul Ryan wants to cut school lunches for needy children.

You’ve probably seen and heard it all before. Romney and Ryan are scary, “extreme,” and out of touch, according to Team Obama. The President, Vice President, and all their operatives and surrogates are committed to getting the word out.

But while the President and...