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Britain has a low homicide rate, but it has the highest violent crime rate in the EU, a violent crime rate that is higher than South African, and much higher than the United States. The only first-world nation with a higher violent crime rate than Britain is Australia, a nation that also banned and confiscated firearms, stripping its people of their ability to defend themselves from violent criminals. But for people who only care about body counts, all the muggings, rapes, home-invasions and carjackings that happen to deliberately defenseless citizens is of no consequence.
The only viable answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
What has Obola done to stop ISIS, besides handing them SAMs at Benghazi?
Ted is the worst nightmare of the GOP-oligargchy. He's the reason Jethro Busch and Milt Romley started the GOP presidential campaign season a year early.
He even admits that it's only in the last six months that he has "been a thorn in their side," which means the previous five years he wasn't because he didn't have an election coming up.
No mention of the identities of the green billionaires. Soros would be a good guess about one.
There were no charges filed. Evidently the government doesn't even know the reason for the forfeiture. All asset forfeitures should be accompanied by the filing of charges.
As it should be. Small businesses are not members of the big-government/big-corporate/big-union crony-fascist complex. The crony-fascists complex doesn't care if the pie gets smaller. They just want the whole pie.
They're lucky the feral government is letting them keep half. All money rightfully belongs to Washington, you know.
Mr. Piketty believes that all money rightfully belongs to government. DDSS.
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