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R.I. District Gives Teachers Annual 11.2% Raise, with No Demand for Improved Performance

jtheb Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 11:02 AM
Here in Texas we are making LESS than were five years ago. Our merit pay program was cancelled and I Iost $12,000 of performance based income this year alone. Let us be careful to make distinctions between states when having these discussions.

It pays to work for the government.

Just ask the teachers in the Westerly, Rhode Island school district. The school committee just agreed to a new union collective bargaining agreement that doubles teachers’ pay in nine years.

Perhaps all the news we’ve been hearing about government schools lacking funds has been exaggerated.

The pay raises will come through adjustments to the annual teacher “step salary” schedule. There will now be nine steps up the salary ladder instead of 11, and each step will pay teachers more money than in the past. A lot more, in fact.

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