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Wow. The unrestrained hubris of this president sometimes leaves me speechless. I'm going to drive silently to work now.
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Good Old Joe

jtheb Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 6:19 AM
I hadn't realized just how depressing it is to consider the dearth of leadership acumen on the other side of the aisle until this moment. Thanks for the uplift Emmett!
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Liberals Storm California's Bedrooms

jtheb Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 5:24 PM
The answer is simple...leave California.
This is silly. End flights to and from infected countries. Period.
Bring it on. LGBT fascism cannot stand up to the First Amendment when push comes to shove. Excellent pro-bono attorneys are standing by ready to defend liberty whenever you people are ready to challenge that liberty.
Perhaps they care more about saving viable unborn women rather than killing them in dirty unlicensed clinics.
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Exploring the Soda Pain Point

jtheb Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 8:34 AM
All this means is that we'll buy our sodas and sweet teas at fountains with large cups and drink as much or as little as we like. These corps are so afraid of litigation that they allow the behavior control freaks to run roughshod all over them.
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It's Better Now

jtheb Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 7:33 AM
Thanks for the perspective John . You're right. My African-American wife and I can tell you without hesitation that life for us now is WAYYYY better than just 30 years ago. So much for the moaning of the racial exploitation establishment that " racism has never been worse!!!!!". I tell my students all of the time that , in my lifetime, the air has never been cleaner, the water never safer and never more trees and vegetation present than right now. Problems? Sure. Crisis? Not so much.
Ahhhh are you for real? Because he is IN CHARGE maybe????????????????????
I think it's "high" time for another "beer summit" .
This bunch has turned the Secret Service into the Keystone Cops. This guy shouldn't have survived this attempt while still out in the lawn. And these are the people in charge of our military. No wonder...
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