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What Principles Rule the GOP?

jtheb Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 6:13 AM
So true about our dear governor Perry. From a special unneeded fee on our electric bills to the $100.per month I have to spend on toll roads to get to work every day and everything in between , it is easy to know who Rick Perry befriends . He'll fit right in in Washington.
Title of this piece? How about ," When Twits Tweet"?
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One California for Me, Another for Thee

jtheb Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 9:25 AM
Behold the new , liberal aristocracy. Lovers of democracy beware.
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Wendy Davis is Also Wrong on Education

jtheb Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 9:09 AM
I am a Texas public school teacher. It is true that , compared to 45 other states , we are not overpaid. We have none of the "rights" that our brethren have in many of those same states (ie collective bargaining , strike etc ) nor do we need them. We struggle under the onerous regulations enforced by legions of administrators who consume the lions share of education dollars. We are told what to teach and how to teach it by many who haven't spent a day in a classroom or at least have no personal investment in the children sitting in front of them. Still in all most of us are here for love and that is the point. Top down mentality keeps us from being as effective as we could be for no other reason than we are not free. We are chained to the STARR tests , the latest battery to come along as time goes by. Yes, Wendy Davis is incompetent and over matched. But here in Texas, education has no friends. I will vote for Greg Abbott because there are issues other than my job on the plate. But until we restore local control to public schools , the frustration and the wasted dollars will continue to mount with the self-defeating, top down mentality currently in vogue.
Completely unenthralled by either.
Hubris has a way of dissolving into chaos the moment someone notices that the emperor actually is wearing no clothes. There goes the coalition.
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The Problem Is Liberalism, Not Racism

jtheb Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 6:12 AM
Helping people be free of the government plantation is racist , keeping them ingratiated to the government master is "compassionate" . God help us.
Look folks. This is a film made by people who do not yet know God or have any access to understanding spiritual things. If you want to see the film look at it in context. It's their fairy tale, not a biblical treatise on judgement and salvation. So please , some of you are making the rest of us look like hypocritical morons. And that, if only by reputation, makes everything we believe look silly to those who are not in the spiritual ark. Enjoy it in context. Stay at home in context. Either way , we who are supposed to be the freest people on earth should walk in it for a change.
She is one that makes me glad I left my home state and fled to Texas.
The problem with our current culture is that many of those who elected this montage of human debris don't care and would vote for them again and again if they weren't in jail.Let me just say it succinctly...Marion Berry.
Don't forget the invitations to swanky cocktail parties in Georgetown or Midtown as a motivation for those who put the "hip" in hypocrisy.
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