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Starring in Drone Dynasty

JT_Hunter Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 7:05 AM
The web page seems to have been moved...can anyone get to it...
The reason they are sold on it is because they really have no first hand experience to the kind of healthcare we have here. The same goes for most people in Canada. Unless someone actually lives here and can experience the ability to call the doctor's office at 8 AM....get an appointment for 2 PM....be in surgury the next day at 6 AM....they cannot relate...the same goes for people who live under any form of socialism to communism...and sharia law...unless they know what liberty and freedom actually is all about...they think they have it pretty good where they are...This is why the oppressive governments make efforts to block access to the "Outside" world...lest their people find out just how bad their life is...and how good it could be...
You can not travel the "Red Road" and do as Warren is doing. She has no understanding of any heratage she may actually have. If she did undertsand the way of "The People", she would have immediatly become humble, and made every effort to meet with those in the community that are true to the ways of those who came here first. She has nothing within her that is from the original peoples of this land. Thank you for your compliment.
Ola, to “The People”. This is about honor, and Elizabeth Warren has no honor. My grandfather is full Cherokee on my mother’s side. On my father’s side, my middle name is Osceola after my great-grandfather, who was named for his relationship to the Seminole chief, Osceola. I make no claim to any heritage except to be an American, especially when attending a “Gathering of the People”. In this way, I bring honor to my family, to my ancestors, and to myself. Warren does not have any honor. She should acknowledge her mistake, but she will not.
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