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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Which State Has the Highest Food Stamp Usage of All?

jsullivan154 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 10:33 AM
ann the chickens you voted and proposed are coming home to roost after defunding education and early childhood development along w/affordable contraception even forcing both parents into the workforce to make ends meet now you want to complain because the very children and families needing assistance require you pay a little more of your stock profits in taxes or figure out another way to stash profits in the Caymans? Americas families w/both parents working make less than ONE parent just a generation ago when inflation adjusted? You've got to be kidding? I wish I was? Look it up, stop Lying and look in the mirror Ann you're part of the problem.
True Conservative! Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 11:29 AM
The idiot of the left blathers on ... and on ... again! Affordable birth control? A number of places sell the pill for four bucks a month! If that's not affordable; maybe they should think about getting educated and getting a job!

Those chickens you're talking about are YOURS ... leftist chickens destroying the country ... like Detroit, California, Illinois, ... ... IDIOT!
Peddler44 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 11:01 AM
jsullivan 154,

Are you really so stupid as to think the people who take time to post comments on this article ACTUALLY have large stock profits or huge amounts of cash stashed away in the Caymans? Most likely the people who comment are working people who have to struggle to make ends meet and object to watching their tax dollars go to people who abuse the system. I know I most certainly do not have a "stock portfolio" for retirement nor do I have any cash "stashed" away in the Caymans.

Just who the hell are you anyway? Kreskin the Mindreader? Apparently you are able to deduce from a comment what another person is worth and who is and who is not part of the problem.

Must be nice in your parent's basement.