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Has Bernanke Gotten the Story Right?

jsullivan154 Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 9:58 AM
Credit the Keynesians!!!!!! If America really wants a pro growth policy find a way to cut out the middle men in finance and lend directly somewhere in the middle of the 0 % we give tax payers money to and the 10% + most Amercans pay for short and medium term debt w/the Government i.e. You and I and our children reaping the reward of greater GDP and a real Equality for many based truly on their credit score and ability to pay it back? Of course then how would these law makers/breakers w/their salary at 50+ to one their employees get ever richer? How then could we continue to Oppress our up ad comers?
jsullivan154 Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 11:36 AM
Correction 1980 CEO salaries compared to average employees where 42 times, currently their salary stands at 380 times the average worker.
So much for Supply Side, Trickling Down ehh?

The most important point in Ben Bernanke’s Wednesday press conference was the announcement that the Fed will adjust the amount of monthly bond purchases according to economic conditions. In other words, an improving economy with stronger payrolls and lower unemployment could lead to a decline in Fed bond buying, from $85 billion a month to something gradually lower, so long as the economy keeps looking better.
It won’t happen all at once. The Fed is not convinced that the current economic upturn is truly sustainable. But Bernanke is implying that the Fed...