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Coup Underway in Egypt

jstuart Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 4:28 PM
This is priceless. BO can't hide from the Egyptians even if half of America still drinks his Kool Aid.
It is tough to be white nowadays. They should have pretended to be illegals from Mexico, no problem there.
You are right.
Right on.
The borders don't count. The ammo is meant to suppress the citizenry.
Hey Skippy, Take your Libertarian dreams and live them somewhere else where reality doesn't apply. As for the flood of illegals. we should begin hangings when caught.
Most of the crime in this country is by the racially different. The mentally ill commit the atrocities, and Catholics, well they vote Democrat which is sick in itself.
Right on.
Well, at least they didn't kill him, yet.
Her photo on Drudge reminds me of Vera. Notice she must be eating some fat filled food to keep her rear so hefty.
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