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How Money Walks: Out of California, Into Texas

jspopin Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 11:24 PM
So the State of Texas sets property values. Wow. Here I always thought the value of property was dependent upon the desirability of the location. Yes, property is more expensive in California because the location is more desirable. Isn't that a "Free Market" concept? Isn't the Real Estate mantra: location, location, location. No one has provided any evidence that "the ones coming in are illegals..." Typical Right wing shoot-from-the-lip, regurgitate-Conservative-media spittle.
In the United States today, interstate migration is becoming a more and more prominent topic. A new book called How Money Walks has used IRS data to put hard numbers to which states are losing and which states are gaining wealth due to interstate migration.

Most of it won't surprise you: the northeast and the rust belt states, along with California, are losing residents at incredibly high rates. Most of the south and southwest is gaining. Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado lead the way in total wealth gained due to migration. Some are surprising, though: Washington State,...