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How Money Walks: Out of California, Into Texas

jspopin Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 5:30 PM
Alas Witless William...a modest house near the ocean, or maybe the mountains, or among towering redwoods with an incredible diversity of relaxation options versus a modest home in Midland with sagebrush and rattlesnakes and miles and miles of...what, oil wells and cattle? I have lived in both and much prefer California. California's financial problems started with Prop 13 and the GOP trying to "drowned the government in a bath tub".
In the United States today, interstate migration is becoming a more and more prominent topic. A new book called How Money Walks has used IRS data to put hard numbers to which states are losing and which states are gaining wealth due to interstate migration.

Most of it won't surprise you: the northeast and the rust belt states, along with California, are losing residents at incredibly high rates. Most of the south and southwest is gaining. Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado lead the way in total wealth gained due to migration. Some are surprising, though: Washington State,...