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Alas Witless William...a modest house near the ocean, or maybe the mountains, or among towering redwoods with an incredible diversity of relaxation options versus a modest home in Midland with sagebrush and rattlesnakes and miles and miles of...what, oil wells and cattle? I have lived in both and much prefer California. California's financial problems started with Prop 13 and the GOP trying to "drowned the government in a bath tub".
$26 billion...for what? Where were CA losses? Little details like that make a difference. Also, what is going to keep the businesses now leaving California for Texas, leaving the lone Star State in the future for Mexico or China to lower costs.
from the article: "From 2000 to 2009, the Census Bureau estimates, there has been a domestic outflow of 1,509,000 people from California -- almost as many as the number of immigrants coming in." Sounds like it's pretty stable. Also, average income on California in 2009: $58,931 in Texas in 2009: $48,044. Texas is drawing low-paying, low education jobs. How many high tech firms seek out locations where they can't get quality employees? Low pay, less state amenities, poor public health care, less-than-Sterling education prospects...sounds like the ideal place for the right wing.
Absolutely right! Liberals TREMBLE at the thought of of all Three Black Conservatives (West, Rice, and Cain) getting together...
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Freedom Means Freedom

jspopin Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 2:08 PM
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The Press' Professional Abdication

jspopin Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 3:34 PM
There have been many surveys (merely Google "most informed tv viewers") that consistently show viewers of FoxNews are the lowest informed views (LIV) in the country.
what difference, except in a petty mind, does that make? She made an appearance.
I'll grant you the point about Reagan,but Laura Bush? Are you against wearing a military uniform, say, at a 4th of July Parade, or a wedding?
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Obama’s Sequestration Scam

jspopin Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 5:13 PM
I guess we'll find out beginning next Friday. When Sequestration passed the House John Boehner famously said, "I got 98% of of what I wanted. I'm happy."
this just in: Police in Clarkstown, New York have confiscated a cache of high-powered weapons and body armor from a man who was arrested for posting death threats against against many Democratic politicians and every liberal supporter of President Barack Obama. Doesn't say anything about video games. I don't think this guy is left-wing either What about violence/video game correlation in Japan or Canada?
Do any of you people on this site ever really read what is written in these comments? No wonder the Republican party is perceived as being so out of touch. These comments are filled with rabid hatred, intolerance for a difference of opinion. Many of you are of my Post-WWII generation and I am ashamed to sen as one of you narrow-minded people.
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