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Party at the White House, Again

jspelling Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 4:53 PM
Are you kidding? we all a saw the footage of the “first lady” shoveling food into her mouth with her elbows on the table at an alarming rate, she also referred to her BFF Beyonce's pole dance superbowl smut fest as “amazing, and she was proud of her” she also doesn't stand up straight, has the poorest posture of any woman I've seen in a public office, and has zero grace. Total clod in heels. SORRY!

Sequester? What sequester? The White House is still closed to the public and little school children on spring break but it'll be open tonight as President Obama hosts a slew of celebrities for yet another lavish party.

Tonight’s special White House “celebration” of Memphis soul music marks the tenth time President and Mrs. Obama have been treated to an exclusive East Room “command performance” of American music featuring major stars, past and present.

While the performances are televised and celebrate the nation’s culture, some may wonder whether during an era of soaring deficits it...