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This woman is WARPED... how does she even get up in the morning and get dressed? She is a MORON!
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Paul Ryan: No, We Don't Need More Gun Laws

jspeed Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 4:15 PM
What in the world is YOUR problem? YOU elected the people who took your gun rights away as far as CWP goes. Paul Ryan has NOTHING to do with that.. you DO NOT Have a "Gun" problem.. you have a DUMB @ S S Legislator problem.
Exactly.. they THINK they know whats best for everyone.. in this case, youngsters meals.. This is a "cluster"....
Democrats think THEY know what's best for EVERYONE.. and try to LEGISLATE or MANDATE that behavior.. whether or not its beneficial.. most of the time its NOT. Democrats want to legislate FOOD.. legislate what pets can or cannot be sold (san francisco).. legislate away gun rights ... Yea.. they are ANYTHING but true "Liberals"... by definition "liberal" means FREE.. A Total Contradiction!
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