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No chance, another Herman Cain, good man no experience
Many elections have many caniadiates but the difference is in most elections the also rans get out early like after Iowa or NH. in 2008 Romney was second to McCain but dropped out early like after SC. In 2012 also rans like Santorum who had won nothing continued to occupy space after placing 3rd or 4th in the first 4 states. Tim Pawlenty had it right ,he finished 3rd in the Iowa straw poll and had enough sense to drop out.
Paul Ryan has no chance, he couldn't help the lame Romney ticket in his own state.
You need a re boot, better yet just a boot in your fat behind
Attacked who in the 2012. Election? Cain Fallon his own because he could not control his sexual desires, Perry bombed out himself because he was too stupid to remember , Bachmann never had any support and could never reach the 10% mark, Ron Paul was a wacko on foreign policy and the people did not buy it and he never won a single state, Gingrich started talking about going to the moon, and Santorum never had a chance he was beaten so bad in his re election.
Vote fraud will NEVER be addressed so move on, second by staying home and acting like a cry baby because you don't get everything you want, is useless. The socialists will win the house. And the senate and the wh and then they will pass a worse immigration bill.
Shut up you loony
Detroit is all liberals so left wing, they have elected dummycrat libtards for 40 years now. The vote for Obama was like 100% for him in both elections.
Ummm the election is over
Which proves he was never a conservative
Yes but you still elected a democrat for Senate
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