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Wow so business owner reacts to one woman on the Internet but ignores thousands who respond on the Internet, Facebook. Not a very smart business owner.
Ray ISA you have some mental problems and you are a big fat loser, get help
Difference, in that situation the owners didn't stop singing happy birthday to cowtown to one person unlike what businesses and people are doing for one Muslim.
Wrong Rebbecca dummy, Cruz 100% Us citizen, read the constitution if you can idiot, if your parents are natural born US citizens and you are born in another country you are eligible. Jindal? As far as I know born in the USA, so lets see makes him eligible. C'mon people do your homework before you say stupid stuff in here.
Learn to read Einstien, I was talking about Perry not Santa Claus.
Republicans have a problem they are looking for the perfect person. If so done has one thing against them or they are only 99% conservative instead of 100%, then people start saying they can't support that person. I am not talking about comprising but you can't expect perfection. The. Democrats don't let flaws affect who they get behind. They will still get behind Hillary despite Benghazi. Meanwhile republicans won't support Perry cause of some lame issue about drugs or Mexican trucks, they won't support Jeb Bush just because his name is Bush. Now they won't support Rubio because he supported amnesty. It just goes on and on. They did the same in 2012, found one issue or fault with everyone of the candidates and wrote them off as RINOS. In 1980 the party got behind Reagan despite all his faults( he was a democrat at one time) and was determined to get rid of Carter. In 2012 and it seems like 2016 the republicans are not willing to put aside little issues to unite behind someone to defeat the Obama/ Hillary ticket
How? It was the republican primary, Obama had nothing to do with that, also Paul got such little percent, please tell me Einstien how someone getting 1% or 2% in a primary affects the general election.
Who defines unelectable? The establishment is saying the same thing about Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. oh guess what they said the same thing about Reagan.
Nowhere close to Romney ,your brain must be messed up.
I bet the democrats poll has Hilliary strong and Biden second with no one else getting more then 3%. Another reason republicans keep losing, they can't get behind one person.
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