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In fact, get rid of the computerized machines all together and go back to paper ballots.
A commission packed with guys from Chicago, easily the most corrupt major city in America, is going to be involved with "voting machine technology ". I think we should pass on this one Barry.
Obama's friends made it too easy to vote in Pennsylvania and Ohio and there was a lot of fraud there in favor of Obama. Then don't forget how many overseas military people didn't have their votes counted this last election. Obama is very Nixonian.
Why offer citizenship? A work card should be good enough, after a background check and securing the border.
The deal was that Reagan would offer Amnesty in exchange for enforcement of the border and immigration laws. The Dems later defunded that part of the deal. Clinton later extended the amnesty for those that had procrastinated. - It has already been done. No more, or should I say, no mas.
Why is it that Mexico secures it's borders with soldiers but we are not allowed too? Mexico has very serious immigration laws that they enforce. Fair is fair.
He is going to fix the problem once and for all? How? Obama is closing border stations in Texas, using the sequester to furlough agents when he still has the biggest "budget" in history. He won't secure the border and in fact, is releasing felons instead of deporting them. We already had amnesty for 3 million under Reagan and millions more were given amnesty under Clinton with a lot of little amnesties. What's the point? Obama is not serious or even competent. Republicans need to say NO, since they won't get these new voters to vote for them anyway since they are not Cubans.
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