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Romney's Task Tomorrow Night

jsinkey Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 10:17 PM
Get your facts straight here on the deficit...while Bush did run up the deficit to the tune of 4 trillion in 8 YEARS....the do nothing, community organizer, muslim sympathizer, apologetic, gotta makea tea time , do nothing jerk who has run up 6 TRILLION in juat least with Bush we had respect in the world and didn't make excuses for how our Ambassador got killed with no protection...and then blames it on a movie for 2 weeks. He's the worst president in our countrys history which is why this country will be glad to get rid of this left wing marxist hypocrite.

Townhall settings are tricky.  Questions can be off the wall, and it too often turns into a "panderfest" designed to see who can most acutely (or most demonstratively) "feel the pain" of those assembled.  In this environment, it's Governor Romney's challenge to make sure that he comes across as the decent, likable man he is, while still keeping pressure on President Obama in the same respectful but tough manner he used at their previous debate.  A few other points:

(1) We're hearing a lot about the women's vote. Women aren't turned off by a man who acts like a man (in...