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Pastor to Taunt IRS Over Free Speech

jsheridan Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 12:28 AM
If they try to take away tax exempt status from a church they had better start with all the Black churches that tell, advise or hint that they MUST vote for Barry because his skin is dark like theirs. Of course, you would never expect Eric the Red to let his people file ANYTHING on a minority.
If this impostor is re-elected, the whole country will be eating like this or starving completely. Obama thinks you have too much of everything and stole it from the poor people of color in the third world. His goal is to send all our wealth and lifestyle overseas so we will live the life if a slave as he thinks we deserve. Check it out, he and his secretary of state have us signed onto UN agendas to take away our guns and freedom of speech so we won't offend the Muslims any more.
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