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Gingrich: Yeah, Mitt Will Probably Get the Nomination, But...

jshea sr. Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 4:30 PM
SO......Newt and Santorum are Washington Insiders.... and who are the washington insiders that have endorsed Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Bush 41, John Mc Cain, Marco Rubio, no no these are NOT Washington Insiders, give me a break !! Their are still delegates that have not been given either, any delegates before April are not "winner take all" so... Florida and a few other states are still up for grabs, and yet they show them all for Romney, hhhmmmmm, such a legitimate guy, can't run on his record so he has to slam anyone who gets close in the race, pretty scarey, and he will be slammed by Obama in the fall, we can do better, not every vote has been cast, and every vote should count, GO RICK!!

So, let's hash this out: he knows the delegate-odds are stacked wildly against him; he's losing his meager momentum and running out of money; and he has every faith that eventually we'll all unite around the probable nominee Mitt Romney. But, in his infinite and august wisdom, he feels that... it's his personal duty to make Mitt earn it? What the what?

“I think Mitt Romney is clearly the front-runner,” Gingrich said while campaigning in Wisconsin ahead of the Tuesday primary. “I think he will probably get 1,144 (delegates), but I think he has to earn it.”