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There is a new wind in the air. It goes back to our roots that are planted in one word, freedom. What this word meant to our founders was that all efforts by our government should be for and by the people. Our founders came from a time of centralized control by the King of England was the law of the day. It was a time when countries were ruled by Kings. Those countries are still a mess today. So boys, keep your guns on ready because there are deal makers in Washington and the bottom line of those deals is about greed. Stay on the ready. For those of you that supported Bundy, I am proud to call you my brother.
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The Butler from Another Planet

jshaffer Wrote: Aug 26, 2013 12:01 PM
Now you can clearly see The Opera's motivation in the handbag shop.
When George washington was a boy he cut down a cherry tree on his family estate. His Father was angry and asked what happened to his tree. George did not hesitate and he told his father that he had cut the tree down. Because of George's honesty and the fact that he did the right thing, his father let him off of the hook. (I am 64 and I was told this story as a child and believed it to be true.I had great respect for George Washington.I thought all great men would be like him.) Then, someone said that this was not a true story and our children would be better if they were not lied to. We were stupid to let this happen. BHO and his boys would not know the truth if it fell on them and that above all else just pisses me off.
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