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Anxiety Rises As Americans Face Start of Obamacare

jsenner Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 11:17 AM
Another one-time, throwaway alias used in an effort to substitute quantity for quality? Give up on this tactic, bad opinion won't drive out the good. Since you "Harry" obviously never had two dimes to rub together and create jobs, you are unable to understand that small businesses can't both stay afloat and pay for health insurance for their employees. I don't provide car insurance for them either. I pay them what they are worth to me and if they can find a better deal elsewhere they shouldn't let the door hit them on the butt on the way out.
This March will mark three years since Obamacare became law, and it still has not had any serious effect on most Americans' lives. That's the way President Obama and the law's Democratic authors planned it; they conveniently pushed the dislocations and unhappy consequences of national health care well past their re-election campaigns.

But Obamacare will be here soon, with an Oct. 1, 2013, start of enrollment in insurance exchanges and a Jan. 1, 2014, deadline for full implementation. The political results could be deeply painful for Democrats.

During the campaign for Obamacare, President Obama pledged repeatedly that his health care...