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Newark Teachers Claim to be ‘Indentured Servants’ Despite $57K Average Salary

jseifert Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 9:16 AM
We are getting humiliated around the world by countries with dirt floor schools. China and India have more people on the math and science honor roll than we have students. A few good cell phones apps could replace most of what is now pawned off as education. The US mandated indoctrination systems all spiel the same revisionist anti-American anti-success socialist BS. The USA has the highest per student costs and some of the lowest results. As long as the NEA spends tens of millions of dollars for TV ads hiding the truth everything looks fine or is someones else's fault. Public education is an expensive disaster that has caused more harm than good. Bring vouchers, let parents decide what their kids should learn.
Is it ever enough? That’s what citizens should be asking in Newark, where the teachers are claiming they are subject to “indentured servitude” for being forced to consider an “inhumane” collective bargaining agreement that many consider very union friendly.

The average Newark teacher’s pay is $57,926, according to That constitutes “indentured servitude”?

In 2011, found that Newark teachers contributed a big fat zero to their health insurance benefits. Taxpayers, on the other hand, spent a healthy $111,742,197 to pay for teacher benefits. Yes, that’s $111 million to zero.

The school district receives a whopping $28,406...