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We need to raise the legal limit for alligators, and spend more time getting rid of them!11
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The Butler from Another Planet

jsedberry Wrote: Aug 26, 2013 9:25 AM
Where else but in America can A movie production completely skew history in the name of promoting their own agenda? Perhaps it is time once again to start screening these films prior to release for content and validity. Hollywood, in tier own little world of big "duckies" small brains, and no scripts worth watching continues to spew out garbage, both of racial and sexual nature, none being related to actual facts nor happenings. No wonder the children of today have no concept of history as it really was, and most of the adults that seem to think these movies are worth watching have the I.Q equivalent of a snail or lower.
But the biggest problem of all is that liberals really, really believe the stuff they're putting out as factual, and as true as if Moses had brought it down from the mountain. Any similarity to truth with them has to be an out and out lie to us. Not only are they jerks, but they continue to "sow seeds of jackassery" to all their chosen believers in that we are now raising more jackasses that are feeding on our money (entitlements), than ever before! There will come a time when all the leaves are off the "money tree" and what will they do then? Don't expect another Republican to take office anytime soon, as long as these bottom feeders are receiving their daily/monthly "dole"!!!!
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